Distance Education

College of San Mateo is committed to meeting the evolving needs and expectations of its students and community through the expansion of alternative means of delivering instructional and student support services.

Distance education courses consist of online and hybrid courses. Online courses are conducted through a class website, and some courses may require an on-campus orientation meeting and proctored exams. Hybrid courses are conducted mostly online but do have of face-to-face instructional hours with online work. Most CSM distance education courses are applicable toward associate degree credit, and many satisfy transfer course requirements. Additionally, students enrolled in distance education courses have the same access to financial aid as those enrolled in on-campus courses.

Distance education courses may not be right for all students. They give students greater freedom of scheduling, but they also require more self-discipline  than on-campus courses. How well distance education courses fit into your educational and career goals depends on many factors. It is important for first-time distance education students to review the information available on the Distance Education website. For those students who are able to create the right environment, have the right study habits, and understand the technical and academic requirements, CSM’s distance education courses can be as effective as on-campus courses in terms of student learning.

The Instructional Technologist and Distance Education Coordinator are available to assist students and answer questions in order to ensure College of San Mateo students have a successful distance learning experience. For more information, visit the Distance Education website (Building 18, Room 18-206E, 574-6279).