Technical Preparation - CTE Transitions

CTE Transitions (Career and Technical Education Transitions) is a coordinated program between the three colleges in the San Mateo County Community College District and the San Mateo County High Schools, the San Mateo County Office of Education ROP, and other technical training programs. The program gives students and their families a chance to identify technical careers and the pathways of study at the colleges that will need to be followed to prepare for those careers.

CTE Transitions students can begin their pathway of study while in high school of SMCOE ROP by taking an articulated (mutually agreed upon) class or classes, that, when completed, will give them both high school credit and college credit (no college fees). If they are still in high school and wish to take the next class in the pathway of study, they can do so by enrolling in the Concurrent Enrollment Program. If they have graduated, they can simply enroll in the next class when they enroll at the college. All technical pathways are listed in the college catalog and known to the college counselors.