POST (California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training)

Job opportunities within the law enforcement field require certification by POST of a candidate’s work preparation. Reserve officers are hired by local law enforcement agencies only after completing a POST-certified program such as that offered by College of San Mateo. For regular police officer positions, the hiring agency might choose to hire the individual and then pay for his/her training. College of San Mateo’s Administration of Justice program is oriented to comply directly with POST certification standards, placing our program graduates in an advantageous position when applying for jobs in the law enforcement field.

Upon successful completion of each of the following courses, students will receive a certification of course completion from the Administration of Justice department.


PC 832 Training Courses Units
ADMJ 771 PC 832: Arrest and Control Training 3.0
ADMJ 775 Firearms Training 0.5

Regular Basic Course Modular Format Units
ADMJ 780 Regular Basic Course Module III 7.0
ADMJ 781 Regular Basic Course Module II 9.5