Using Transfer Credit and The Transcript Evaluation Service (TES)

Non-exempt Students who have completed coursework at colleges and universities outside of San Mateo County Community District (SMCCCD) should use the Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) within the first semester of enrollment at College of San Mateo. Through TES previous college level lower division coursework is reviewed, analyzed, and applied as appropriate to educational goals at College of San Mateo: certificates, associate degrees, CSU GE Certification (California State University system GE), and IGETC Certification (CSU/UC Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum). The TES evaluation is visible on the students DegreeWorks audit and serves as the official response from the District in regards to how prior completed coursework is applied in SMCCCD. More information about the Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) is available on San Mateo County Community College District website. The Request a Transcript Evaluation form is on WebSMART under the student tab.