Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance courses are offered under the following disciplines: Adapted Physical Education, Aquatics, Dance, Fitness, Individual Sports, Kinesiology, Physical Education Theory, Team Sports and Varsity Sports.

Kinesiology is the 5th most sought after degree in the CSU system. Curriculum in the division has been developed to meet the broad interests of students in general activity courses addressing the Associates Degree and Associates Degree for Transfer (AA-T) requirements. These activity courses range from Adaptive Physical Education to cardiovascular conditioning, resistance training, yoga, Pilates, team sports, individual sports, dance, and Intercollegiate Athletics. Additionally, the division offers courses and programs designed for students seeking a certificate to enter the workforce; Yoga Teacher Training and Pilates Instructor Training, as well as many certificates and degrees. Lecture courses for students intending to transfer and major in Kinesiology at the four-year university level are also available.

The majority of activity courses offered by the San Mateo County Community College District are now leveled to show progression from the most fundamental (level 1) to the most advanced (level 4). Course levels can be identified by a .1, .2, .3, or .4 system or by the course title. Course levels may be scheduled simultaneously. Students are advised to enroll initially at the fundamental level (.1) regardless of previous experience and be placed at the appropriate level based on instructor assessment. Adapted Physical Education and intercollegiate sports related courses are not affected by the repeatability legislation.

To understand the repeatability legislation, please refer to the Course Families page.