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University Transfer Program
60–70 transferable units

California State University
University of California
Independent Colleges and Universities

Program Overview

The Biology AS degree satisfies requirements for students to transfer into bachelor's degree programs in most Biology majors at U. C. campuses. Students should be sure to check the UC website for an explanation of IGETC for STEM.

Program Requirements

Major Requirements
Required Core Courses: 24 units Units
BIOL 210 General Zoology 5 units
BIOL 220 General Botany 5 units
BIOL 230 Introductory Cell Biology 4 units
CHEM 210 General Chemistry I 5 units
CHEM 220 General Chemistry II 5 units
Students with little or no high school preparation should complete BIOL 110, CHEM 192, MATH 110, and PHYS 100 prior to beginning major coursework.
Total Required Major Units: 24

And required General Education coursework and electives as needed to meet the minimum 60 units required for the Associate degree.

Please refer to the AA/AS Degree Requirements for more information.