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Program Overview

The CSM Cosmetology program embraces a student-centered approach to collaborative team teaching and delivers current and comprehensive curricula via modern technologies, individual training, group projects, and supervised practice on the public, linking theoretical knowledge to hands-on (practical) experiences. Instruction on hair styling and cutting, chemical applications (hair color, curling, and straightening), nail, facial, and makeup services, cosmetology specialty classes, and portfolio preparation to include resume preparation and job placement support.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses: 38 units Units
COSM 712 Cosmetology I 9.5 units
COSM 722 Cosmetology II 9.5 units
COSM 732 Cosmetology III 9.5 units
COSM 742 Cosmetology IV 9.5 units
Upon satisfactory completion of 1000 total hours with grades of "C" or higher, students are qualified to take the California State Board of Cosmetology examination for licensure as a Cosmetologist.
Total Required Units: 38