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University Transfer Program
60–70 transferable units

California State University
University of California
Independent Colleges and Universities

Program Overview

The Certificate of Specialization in Web Programming provides students with the basic knowledge that is essential for the development of Web applications. Students will study and gain experience with client- and server-side languages that are most commonly used in developing these applications. They will also learn fundamental principles of Web development in order to be prepared to work with current and emerging technologies.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses: 7 units Units
CIS 114 JavaScript/Ajax Programming 4 units
CIS 380 PHP Programming 3 units
Required Selective Courses: Select 3-4 units from the following database courses: Units
CIS 132 Introduction to Databases 3 units
CIS 133 NoSQL Databases 3 units
CIS 363 Enterprise Database Management with MySQL 4 units
CIS 364 From Data Warehousing to Big Data 4 units
Required Selective Courses: Select 4-6 units from the following courses: Units
CIS 113 Ruby Programming 4 units
CIS 117 Python Programming 4 units
CIS 127 HTML5 and CSS 3 units
CIS 128 Mobile Web App Development 4 units
CIS 129 Frameworks/Server-Side JavaScript 3 units
CIS 379 Introduction to XML 3 units
Total Required Units: 14 - 17