STEM@CSM supports opportunities and resources for students who are interested in pursuing STEM majors (science, technology, engineering, and math). We are committed to helping students reach their goals through programs that foster an inclusive learning environment. Services include:

  • MESA Program: The MESA Community College Program supports educationally and financially disadvantaged students to successfully transfer to four-year universities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) majors
  • Tutoring: Embedded tutoring and drop-in tutoring in the Integrated Science Center (ISC), the Math Resource Center (MRC), and the Learning Center
  • Math and Science Jams: Math and science workshops designed to sharpen students’ math skills
  • Science-In-Action Speaker Series: Semester-long speaker series to inspire, encourage, and educate prospective and current STEM students
  • Study Halls: Extended study hours in the Integrated Science Center (ISC) during the last two weeks of each semester to help students prepare for finals
  • Internships and Opportunities: Promotion of STEM-related internships and scholarships along with workshops to support the application process
  • Outreach: Organized events throughout the year to promote and celebrate the STEM field

More Information can be found on the STEM@CSM website.