Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a coordinated effort in conjunction with our local high school partners to expand our community college offerings to our students at the high schools. We are looking to bring our Academic and Career Communities to our high school students who might not otherwise be considering college. We will look to align these campus communities with those high school Career and Technical Education Pathways that already exist on the high school campuses. The program gives students and their families the opportunity to engage in career exploration courses and look to identify academic and technical careers and pathways of study that are available for students to pursue and complete at College of San Mateo.

Dual Enrollment students can begin their pathway of study while in high school depending on the offerings and pathways in existence at the local high schools. They can engage by signing up for the courses in their high school schedule and registering as both a high school student and college student alongside the Dual Enrollment support team at College of San Mateo. Please see our Dual Enrollment webpage for local offerings. By engaging in dual enrollment classes and upon completion of the courses, students will receive both high school credit and college credit for free. If students find that the next course in the pathway is not developed at the high school they can come to College of San Mateo and engage in Concurrent Enrollment. If they have graduated, they can simply enroll in the next class when they enroll at the college.