Program Overview

Program Requirements

Complete 34-39 units of coursework to meet the IGETC/UC Certification requirements as listed below. Requirements
Required Core Courses: 6 units Area 1: English Composition. Units
Area 1A: English Composition 3 units
Area 1B: Critical Thinking 3 units
Required Core Courses: 3 units Area 2: Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning. Units
Area 2 3 units
Required Core Courses: 9 units Area 3: Arts and Humanities. At least one course must be selected from Arts and one course from Humanities. The third course can be selected from either Arts or Humanities. Units
Area 3A: Arts 3 units
Area 3B: Humanities 3 units
Area 3A or 3B 3 units
Required Core Courses: 9 units Area 4: Social and Behavioral Sciences. Must complete coursework in at least two disciplines. Units
Area 4 9 units
Required Core Courses: 7 units Area 5: Physical and Biological Sciences. At least one course must include a laboratory component. Units
Area 5A: Physical Science 3 - 4 units
Area 5B: Biological Science 3 - 4 units
Area 5C: Science Laboratory 1 unit
Required Core Courses: Language other than English - Area 6: This area is a proficiency requirement that can be fulfilled through a number of options. Verification for any of the options listed on the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) Worksheet is required to complete certification. Units
Total Required Units: 34