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University Transfer Program
60 – 70 transferable units

California State University
University of California
Independent Colleges and Universities

Program Overview

The Yoga Teacher Training - 300 hour certificate (YTT-300) is an advanced study of yoga practice, technique, teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy and ethics. It is intended for students who are already a Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hours of training (RYT-200). Students who complete the 300-hour training in addition to completing a Registered Yoga School 200 Hour Training (RYS-200) training AND teach for 100 hours after the completion of the 200-hour training may register to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with 500 hours of training (RYT 500).

The YTT-300 advanced training is designed to build upon and deepen the student's understanding of topics taught in the 200-hour certificate. It prepares students to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, detailed, and subtle. This training enables them to teach with greater skill than could reasonably be expected of a RYT-200. Focus is placed upon teaching flow-based yoga, choreographing flow-based yoga sequences, teaching from an anatomically sound point of view, developing a strong personal practice, articulating an educational layer while teaching yoga asana classes, and finding stillness through restorative yoga.

This certificate program is intended to fulfill the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga Alliance is the nationally recognized organization that regulates yoga teaching standards. Students who complete their training at CSM may register online with Yoga Alliance upon fulfillment of their certificate.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses: 15 units Units
KINE 203 Yoga Pedagogy Research 1 3 units
KINE 204 Advanced Yoga Pedagogy & Philosophy 3 units
KINE 205 Advanced Yoga Asana 3 units
KINE 206 Yoga Pedagogy Research 2 2 units
KINE 300 Anatomy of Motion 3 units
FITN 336.1 Restorative Yoga I 1 unit
FITN 336.2 Restorative Yoga II 1 unit
FITN 336.3 Restorative Yoga III 1 unit
FITN 336.4 Restorative Yoga IV 1 unit
Total Required Units: 15