Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)

In Fall 2018, the State Chancellor’s Office combined program funding for the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP), the Student Equity Program and the Basic Skills Initiative to create the new Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEAP). Although, the State Chancellor’s Office is no longer referring to SSSP as a separate program, however, SSSP requirements remain as a mandate. The purpose of SSSP is to increase California community college student access and success through the implementation of core matriculation services, including assessment and course placement, orientation, counseling/advising, and other educational planning services, with the goal of providing students with the support services necessary to assist them to achieve their educational goal and complete their identified course of study.

All students who plan to complete a certificate or associate degree, a university transfer program, or who are undecided but considering one of the aforementioned goals must actively participate in SSSP requirements and use the services noted below as part of the enrollment steps to register at College of San Mateo. Also, all students who participate in the College of San Mateo financial aid program, and veterans who plan to receive Military benefits while attending the College must comply with the enrollment steps and actively participate in SSSP services.

Students who participate in the SSSP services of assessment, orientation, and engage in academic planning with a counselor and maintain a comprehensive student educational plan receive higher registration priority than students who do not participate in SSSP.

Student Success and Support Program Services:

  1. Assessment Services – Provided by Assessment Services, measures students’ abilities in English, reading, mathematics, learning and study skills. Assessment results are used to determine course selection, honors eligibility and referral to specialized support services.
  2. Orientation Services – Available for new and returning students through the Welcome Center and online through the student portal. Provides students with an introduction to the College, information regarding possible educational goals, and use of Counseling and other Student Services.
  3. Counseling Services – Provided by the Office of Counseling, Advising and Matriculation through Counseling Support Services, or for students affiliated with a special program such as the Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) or the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Counseling services are available to all students who participate in the SSSP and complete assessment and orientation.
  4. Student Educational Plan (SEP) - Students are provided assistance to develop a comprehensive SEP that includes required courses and resource referrals needed to meet an educational goal.
  5. Follow-up Services and Programs – Students receive continued support, and assistance to define course of study and development of comprehensive SEP. Other services and programs include, but are not limited to, counseling services, career services, transfer services, financial aid, EOPS, DRC, Multicultural and Dream Center, veteran’s support services, foster youth support services, student success and counseling workshops, Learning Center and tutorial services, SMCCCD Transcript Evaluation Service.
  6. Intervention Activities and Support - Students who fall out of good academic standing or are otherwise experiencing academic difficulty, or are determined to be at-risk students are provided support through the OnTRAC Scholars.

More information about the CSM Student Success and Program Report is available on the Institutional Planning Documents webpage.