Application of External Exams (AP, IB, CLEP) to General Education Areas IGETC, CSU GE, Associate Degree GE 2021-2022

Important Note to Students

If you plan to complete an associate degree and/or CSUGE or IGETC certification within the San Mateo County Community College District you must submit official AP, IB, or CLEP exam results to the Admissions and Records Office. College courses (taken before or after external exams) may duplicate content. Where duplication exists between the exam course content and the college course content, students do not get credit/units for both the external exam and the college course. (Find more information under Additional Information located at the end of the document.) Not all external exams generate general education credit.  Only exams that generate GE credit are listed in this chart.

CaƱada College, College of San Mateo and Skyline College apply external exam credit to associate degree general education requirements in the same manner as CSU applies external exam credit to CSU general education requirements. External exam results are applied to General Education Area Requirements only. External exam evaluation results appear on student Web SMART Degree Works audit.  The responsibility for researching if or how an external exam may be applied toward specific subjects or major requirements rests with the student.

Students are encouraged to use the following resources for additional information, limitations, and restrictions applied to external exams: The California State University Office of the Chancellor Coded Memorandum ASA-2019-03 dated January 28, 2019; CSU Executive Order 1036, Section 1.2.4;  Standards, Policies & Procedures for Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum Version 2.2 Section 7.0 Credit By Exam dated JUNE 2021.