Meet with a CSM counselor to discuss how to achieve academic goals and to develop a comprehensive student educational plan (SEP).

University Transfer Program
60–70 transferable units

California State University
University of California
Independent Colleges and Universities

Program Overview

This program provides skills for the student who earns a certificate, as well as a base for those who intend to take the career path for the Associates and beyond. Students will learn about basic management skills and theories and how they are applied in the workplace.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses: 19 units Units
ACTG 121 Financial Accounting 4 units
BUS. 136 Business Finance 3 units
BUS. 201 Business Law 3 units
BUS. 401 Business Communications 3 units
MGMT 100 Introduction to Management 3 units
MGMT 104 Leadership Theory 3 units
Total Required Units: 19