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University Transfer Program
60–70 transferable units

California State University
University of California
Independent Colleges and Universities

Program Overview

The Project Management certificate prepares students with the essential skills and education to be a successful project manager and perform skills such as planning, leading, executing and controlling organizational projects, as well as a variety of techniques requiring technology and soft skills.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses: 12 units Units
BUS. 401 Business Communications 3 units
MGMT 100 Introduction to Management 3 units
MGMT 106 Essentials of Negotiation 3 units
MGMT 265 Project Management 3 units
Required selective courses: 3 units, choose one Units
ACTG 100 Accounting Procedures 3 units
BUS. 101 Human Relations At Work 3 units
MGMT 220 Organizational Behavior 3 units
Total Required Units: 15