Business and Technology Centers

Business Computer Lab

The Business Computer Lab provides both classrooms for the Microcomputer Applications classes and for open lab sessions for Business, Business Computer, and Accounting students to use in improving their computer skills in a variety of applications (e.g., MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.). During open lab hours this resource is available to any student registered at CSM. For more information, visit the Business Computer Lab website (South Hall Building 14, Rooms 101, 103, and 105; 574-6489).

When using the Business Computer Center, students will: 

  1. Have knowledge of the Business Computer Center resources, including how to access them.

CIS Computer Lab

The CIS Computer Lab is used for both instruction and open lab sessions. As a support resource, it offers CIS students an opportunity to meet with faculty one on one or to receive assistance from instructional aides or student assistants. The software taught in the CIS courses is available at this location to support the students working on problems/projects or working to improve their skills. When classes are not being held in this lab, it is open to all students registered at CSM. (Emerging Technologies Building). For more information, visit the CIS Computer Lab website (South Hall Building 14, Rooms 101, 103 and 105 until January 2024, then Emerging Technologies Building 19, Rooms 124 and 126; 574-6327).

When using the CIS Computer Lab, students will:

  1. Have knowledge of the CIS Computer Lab resources, including how to access them.