Additional Associate Degrees and Certificates

A student may earn multiple associate degrees and certificates from College of San Mateo. Each additional degree and Certificate of Achievement will be posted to the student’s academic record and the student will receive diplomas for each degree and Certificate of Achievement earned. For additional degrees and certificates any course used to meet the prescribed graduation requirements may count toward more than one degree and certificate. Courses used for one major may be used to meet requirements for additional majors. Courses used to meet the competency requirements and general education requirements for the first degree may be used to fulfill these requirements for additional degrees, provided the student has maintained “continuous enrollment” (see Graduation Requirements and Student Catalog Rights). If a break in enrollment occurs, a student must comply with the competency, general education, and major requirements in effect at the time the student resumes attendance or those in effect in subsequent years of the student’s enrollment.

Students are strongly advised to use the transcript evaluation service to determine how course work from other colleges/universities can help them pursue an associate degree from College of San Mateo in addition to their bachelor degree. Please visit our Transcript Evaluation Services page or in-person (College Center Building 10, Room 310; 574-6234) or visit the District Transcript Evaluation website.