Articulation Attribute Legend

Identifies how each course meets associate degree general education requirements, California State University General Education certification, IGETC certification. For the most current information on how CSM coursework is applied to the CSU and UC systems (CSU General Education, IGETC, American History and Institutions), go to the ASSIST website.

AA - Associate Degree applicable
CSU – transferable to the California State University system
UC – transferable to the University of California system
C-ID - California Identification Number (see the Transfer Planning page for more information.)

Course notations indicate how course is applied to CSM AA/AS degree general education requirements

AA Area C1 – Math/Quantitative Reasoning competency
AA Area C2
– English/Reading competency
AA Area C3
– Information Competency
AA Area E1a
– American History and Institutions, CA State and Local Government
AA Area E1b – Ethnic Studies
AA Area E2a
– English Composition
AA Area E2b
– Communication and Analytical Thinking
AA Area E4
– Physical Education
AA Area E5a
– Natural Science
AA Area E5b
– Social Science
AA Area E5c
– Humanities
AA Area E5d
– Career Exploration and Self-Development

Course notations indicate how course is applied to the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

UC Area 1A – English Composition
UC Area 1B – Critical Thinking and English Composition
UC Area 1C – Oral Communication (CSU requirement only)
UC Area 2 – Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning
UC Area 3A – Arts
UC Area 3B – Humanities
UC Area 4 – Social and Behavioral Sciences
UC Area 5A – Physical Science
UC Area 5B – Biological Science
UC Area 5C – Science Laboratory
UC Area 6 – Language Other than English (UC requirement only)

Course notations indicate how course is applied to the California State University General Education/Breadth (CSU)

CSU Area A1 – Oral Communication
CSU Area A2 – Written Communication
CSU Area A3 – Critical Thinking
CSU Area B1 – Physical Science
CSU Area B2 – Life Science
CSU Area B3 – Science Laboratory
CSU Area B4 – Math Concepts
CSU Area C1 – Arts
CSU Area C2 – Humanities
CSU Area D – Social, Political and Economic Institutions
CSU Area E – Lifelong Understanding and Self Development
CSU Area F – Ethnic Studies

Notations indicate course is applied to the California State University US History, Constitution, and American Ideals (AH&I) graduation requirement. Coursework in three areas is required for CSU graduation. It is suggested, but not required, that students transferring complete this prior to transfer. Course work approved for AH&I can also be applied to meet general education requirements within the CSU GE and IGETC.

US-1 - U.S. History and Historical Development of American Institutions and Ideals
US-2 - U.S. Constitution and Government
US-3 - California State and Local Government

The course descriptions marked with a (*) are transferable with limitations. See a counselor for information about course applicability to educational goals. Additional articulation and university transfer information is located on the College of San Mateo website and the Assist website.