Procedures for Admission

Student Success and Support Program Enrollment/Registration Process (SSSP)

There are two different admission/enrollment paths. One path is for students who intend to complete a certificate, associate degree, or transfer to a university, or may be undecided but considering one of the aforementioned goals. Students on this path are NON-EXEMPT and are required to follow the SSSP enrollment steps as listed below.

The second path is for students who are enrolling at College of San Mateo for personal enrichment only and do not plan to achieve a certificate, associate degree, or transfer, or students who are matriculated at another college or university and enrolling at College of San Mateo only to meet the requirements of their home institution. The students are referred to as EXEMPT.

To register for classes all students (NON-EXEMPT & EXEMPT) must:

  1. Apply Online.
  2. NON-EXEMPT students must complete assessment for English or ESL and mathematics. In addition to placement tests, there are alternate means of assessment including high school transcripts, external exams, and an assessment questionnaire. EXEMPT students who wish to take a course that has an English or math prerequisite must also complete assessment.**
  3. NON-EXEMPT students and EXEMPT students who wish to use Counseling Services must complete the College of San Mateo College Orientation, either in person or in WebSMART.
  4. NON-EXEMPT students must meet with a counselor and complete an abbreviated Student Educational Plan (SEP).
  5. All students register for classes through WebSMART. Enrollment fees may be paid through WebSMART or in person at the Cashier’s Office.
  6. All students must use the assigned email. This college email is the communication method used by professors and the College.

NON-EXEMPT students must complete Steps 1-4 to be eligible to register for classes. 

EXEMPT students are eligible to register on their assigned registration date once they have applied for admission. Registration dates may be viewed in WebSMART.

NON-EXEMPT students who have completed the SSSP enrollment requirements have higher registration priority for enrollment in future semesters.

**Students who have successfully completed a math or English course at another college or university should see the Prerequisites, Corequisites and Recommended Preparation website for more information on their course placement. 

Students planning to enroll in the Cosmetology, Dental Assisting or Nursing program, must file a separate application to the program in addition to the College admission application.