Program Changes

Adding Classes

Students may add classes up to one day prior to the start date of the class by using WebSMART. Once the class begins (1st class meeting), students may add classes by attending class, obtaining the instructor’s admission to add authorization, completing registration and paying fees within published timelines.

In order to add a semester-long class, a student must be in attendance in the class by the second week of instruction. In evening classes which meet twice a week, a student must be in attendance by the third class meeting. To add a short course or a summer course, a student must be in attendance in the course within the first 12% of the class meetings.

When utilizing WebSMART to register for classes, students should print a schedule summary as a receipt of their registration.

Wait Lists

Students wishing to add classes which have reached the enrollment limit may use WebSMART to add themselves to the waitlist. If seats become available in the class, the student will be notified by email. If the student fails to enroll in the class within 24 hours, s/he will be removed from the waitlist. Students who are on waitlist for classes that have established prerequisites are required to complete prerequisite requirements prior to enrolling. (Refer to the Waitlist FAQs for more information.)

Dropping and Withdrawing from Classes

Classes may be dropped without the instructor’s approval. Withdrawal from a class or classes must be initiated by the student by the appropriate deadline date by using WebSMART, in person at the Office of Admissions and Records, by mail, or by fax at 574-6506 (including the student’s signature). Withdrawal requests must be postmarked or faxed by the appropriate deadline date.

When utilizing WebSMART to drop a class, it is important to print a copy of the transaction as a receipt.

A student who stops attending a class may not be dropped from the roll by the instructor, and therefore may receive a penalty grade of F or NP. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw officially following prescribed timelines and procedures. A student who does not withdraw in accordance with established procedures will receive a grade of F or NP.

A student may withdraw from a semester length class during the first three weeks of instruction and no notation will be made on the student’s academic record. In courses of less than a regular semester’s duration, a student may withdraw prior to the completion of 20% of the scheduled class meetings and no notation will be made on the student’s academic record.

After the third week of instruction, a student may withdraw from a semester-length class, whether passing or failing, at any time through the end of the fourteenth week of instruction (or 75% of a term, whichever is less); a W grade will be recorded on the student’s academic record. In courses of less than a regular semester’s duration, a student may withdraw prior to the completion of 75% of the scheduled class meetings; a W grade will be recorded on the student’s academic record.

A student who must withdraw for verifiable extenuating circumstances after the deadline (i.e., personal illness, automobile accident, death or severe illness in the immediate family or other severe physical or emotional hardship, which is beyond the control of the student) may submit a petition to the Office of Admissions and Records for an exception to this policy. Any extenuating circumstance must be verified in writing (i.e., letter from physician, official accident report, obituary notice, etc.). Petition forms are available on the Student Forms website and should be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records, Building 10, Room 360 (574-6165).

The academic record of a student who remains in class beyond the time periods set forth above must reflect an authorized symbol other than W (see Index: “Grades, Grade Points”). A student failing to follow established withdrawal procedures may be assigned an F or NP grade by the instructor.