Counseling Services

The College of San Mateo offers integrated services in the areas of academic, transfer, and career counseling. Available to all enrolled students, counseling services are designed to:

  1. introduce students to educational options
  2. help students make decisions and set educational and career goals
  3. provide assistance with academic program planning to complete certificates, associate degrees, and/or university transfer requirements
  4. acquaint students with campus services and resources
  5. teach students about skills, strategies, and techniques to enhance academic and personal success
  6. work with students to resolve personal concerns that may interfere with the ability to succeed in college

Counseling services are provided in “stages”. The first stage of counseling services provides foundation information about college processes and policies, educational goals, and introduces students to educational planning. Counseling workshops also are an important component of counseling services. Through workshops, students can learn more about their targeted goals. Workshop topics vary but always include details about preparing to transfer, how to select a college major, and how to maximize the use of Degree Works to engage in academic and career planning. In one-on-one counseling appointments, students meet with a counselor for an in-depth discussion of goals and interests and to create a student educational plan in Degree Works. The student educational plan is an essential tool and maps out, semester by semester, the courses necessary to complete specific educational goals. For more information, visit the Counseling Services website (College Center Building 10, 3rd Floor, Room 340; (650) 574-6400).

For personal counseling, please visit the Personal Counseling & Wellness Services website.