Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)/CARE

EOPS provides support services to low-income and educationally eligible students attending College of San Mateo. The mission of EOPS is to assist students to achieve their educational goals, which include earning a certificate, associate degree and/or transfer to a four-year university.

Eligible students will receive “over and above” support services that include: priority registration, individual counseling; book service; tutoring; academic success and personal workshops; parking permit; computer and printing access; and transfer application fee waivers and university-tours. The program is funded by the State of California and the San Mateo County Community College District.

In order for a student to be considered for the EOPS program, the following criteria must apply:

  1. Full-time (12 units) enrollment
  2. Qualification to receive the Board of Governors Enrollment Fee Waiver (BOGW)
  3. Completion of fewer than 70 college-level units
  4. Meet the educational and low income definition as determined by the EOPS guidelines

Interested students should visit the EOPS office located in Building 10, Room 110, or call 574-6154. For office hours and additional information visit the EOPS & CARE website.