Disability Resource Center (DRC)

The Disability Resource Center provides academic adjustments and support services for students who have a verified disability to ensure equal access to an education. The DRC serves all disabilities including (but not limited to) deaf/hard of hearing, blind/low vision, physical, autism spectrum disorder, acquired brain injury, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning differences, and mental health. Also provided are accommodations for temporary disabilities such as a broken leg or arm, a pregnancy-related disability condition/childbirth or recuperation from surgery. The DRC provides academic accommodations such as note taking, test proctoring, textbooks in alternate formats (Braille, e-text, audio, or large print), reader/scribe for tests, interpreting services, and assistive technology services based on individual need.

College of San Mateo students who may benefit from disability-related academic support services are encouraged to use our online application forms. Once received, we will contact you to schedule an intake appointment with one of our DRC Counselors. Please contact us at csmdrc@smccd.edu or (650) 574-6438 for any questions or assistance. For more information, visit the Disability Resource Center website.

Learning Disability Assessment is an opportunity for students who have a history of learning difficulties, but do not have prior documentation, the possibility of completing diagnostic testing to determine eligibility for support services. Students who complete this evaluation process will learn about individual strengths, weaknesses, and strategies to utilize strengths while supporting weaknesses. Support services may include study and test-taking strategies.

Assistive Technology Services offers specialized instruction to enhance and support learning based on individual need. One-on-one instruction for DRC students in addition to LSKL courses utilizing a variety of text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and note taking software and/or hardware is available. Textbooks in alternate format are available for those who qualify for these services.

Counseling services include educational planning – class selection, disability management, transfer, and accommodation needs. Our counselor teaches a one-unit Counseling 111 - College Planning course.

Adaptive Physical Education Wellness program is designed for anyone who may have a disabling or limiting condition. We tailor our classes to help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and successful environment. The objective of the program is to provide classes that increase cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, improve overall flexibility and to provide a great place for socialization. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of your life through appropriate physical activity. For more information please contact Paul Sacomano at sacomanop@smccd.edu (Health & Wellness Building 5, Room 170; (650) 378-7219).