Wellness Center

Health Services

The Health Services Center is located in Public Safety Medical Services Building 1, Room 147. In the Fall 2023 semester, the Health Services Center will move to Building 5, Room 302, (650) 574-6396, and is open Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 am - 6 pm, Friday hours vary, during fall and spring semesters, and the 6-week summer session. Summer hours may vary. Health center appointments are free and are available in person or virtually over zoom with the CSM Nurse Practitioners and College Physician. Students are seen for health appointments regardless if they have health insurance or not, and there is no copay charged or limit to the number of health appointments that can be scheduled. Health Center services include: medical advice, treatment of illnesses and injuries, women's health services (such as birth control, pap smears, and pregnancy testing), STD testing and treatment, family planning, tuberculosis screenings and testing, vaccines (such as flu shots, HPV, tetanus, and hepatitis b), medication and prescriptions, COVID testing, physicals, lab work, and referrals. For the most up-to-date information about services offered through the CSM Health Center visit the Wellness Center website.

Accidents on campus should be reported to the Health Services Center in Public Safety/Medical Services Building 1, Room 147, and once the Health Center moves these should then be reported to their new location on campus, Building 5, Room 302, (650) 574-6396, csmwellness@smccd.edu, and to Business Services, located in the College Center Building 10, Room 439, (650) 574-6220. Limited campus insurance coverage is offered for student injuries on campus or on a college-sponsored trip.

Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling offers free confidential counseling to students at College of San Mateo during the 6-week summer session, and Fall and Spring semesters - counseling is available in person or virtually over zoom (based on preference). The personal counselors have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and offer counseling in several languages including Spanish.  Appointments consist of 50-minute sessions on a weekly basis. Appointments are made by emailing csmwellness@smccd.edu, calling (650) 574-6396, or stopping by in person during hours of operation. Personal Counseling is currently located in Building 1, Room 147, and during the Fall 2023 semester will move with the Health Services Center to Building 5, Room 302.

CSM students have access to a free resource called TimelyCARE. TimelyCARE has licensed therapists available to provide counseling 24/7. To create an account visit their website or download the TimelyCARE app and use your CSM email address (not a personal email address). TimelyCARE is a great resource during breaks, evenings, weekends, etc.